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social VR project(Q3 2017)

A VR Social project which is used to help better place people in jobs. We are very proud that we are able to socially help society in that aspect in the way we could.

  • Singapore Organization (SG)

VR Education App(Q2 2017)

A VR Edutainment to help kids become more aware of their surroundings and help them think out of the box.

  • Undisclosable Company(SG)
Pirate Education.jpg


VR Showroom App(Q1 2017)

VR Showrooms are a popular way to build rapport and build a rough idea of the possible and interactable way to renovate or imagine a space usage in a more accurate way which would cost much less than building a real set.

  • Key VR Company(SG)

MegaCorp TCG

Megacorp is a card game that thrills cyberpunk genre fans with an ingame universe consisting of genetically modified transhumanists, psychic prophets who can move mountains at will and incorporated citizens who buy and sell their very selves on the stock market; a dark realist theme which celebrates the triumph of capitalism taken to the extreme. Governments no longer exist and corporations are the primary actors of human destiny.

  • Megacorp (SG)

 9Grids is a Arcadish VR Game- with Stylistic lightings. Yum

9Grids is a Arcadish VR Game- with Stylistic lightings. Yum

VR 9GRIDS(2016)

9 Grids VR is an 'arcade-style', fast-paced, short and easy fun game! Slash or blast up your enemies and dodge their attacks by moving physically around the unique 9 Grids movement system! Choose from a variety of weapons, from sword to hammer and more. Unlock different stages, worlds and abilities.

  • Ignite VR(SG)

concept art

YouNeek Studios is a hub for “YouNeek” and creative character-based storytelling and entertainment. Through the use of animation, digital comics (as well as print), graphic novels, film and other popular media, we aim to build a library of eclectic characters that appeal to a broad audience. Simply put, we focus on telling extraordinary stories about extraordinary characters.

  • Youneek Studios

Youneekly made Characters