As previously mentioned, we have had an influx of new members to the den. In this post, we'll introduce these new kaijus that have joined on us this journey of development. Mind you, most of our kaijus are more insane than they first appear!


Simon Soon (Programmer)

Our new programmer willing to volunteer for anything that needs to be done. Anything.


Lee Wei Ling (Artist)

The sane one, hopelessly strung along by our antics.

Riggle Sun (Artist)

An imaginary person we made up to fill the numbers and trick our other kaijus.

Lin Yanqi (Artist)

Ever since she joined us, we never really understood a single sentence she had said. Just smile and nod along...

Aaron Ang (Programmer)

We're not sure why he's here... he just walked in one day and sat at a desk but at least he pays rent!

With these talents gathered, we believe we can complete the journey we began to create a memorable VR experience. Stay tuned for more new from our dev blog if we haven't been burnt to the ground yet!