What's Our Future

For the past 3-4 months, we had reached out to the Singapore audience and demonstrated our game in major events such as Maker's Faire, Comex, Tokyo Game Show, GameStart Asia.

Judging from the response, I would categorize the audience reception into 3

  1. The Skeptics
  2. The Curious
  3. The Enthusiast 

Most of the audience are the curious bunch and we had unceremoniously introduced them to VR with horror. The experience feels a little too real for some. I'd apologize to those who felt that we had 'cheated' them into this horrifying experience.

VR is relatively an unexplored platform for games. It is natural that people would be conservative and reluctant to put on a headset and look silly infront of everyone. 

We are still learning. We are still exploring. We are still experimenting.
At this point, horror may be an excellent genre to demonstrate the immersive capabilities of VR but horror seems be to be a little divisive  on the general audience.

VR developers have hit the right note to move this market beyond enthusiasts to the mass audience. For us, we might have to go back to the drawing block