Coming back from the Taipei Games Show, we believe that the future of VR gaming is limited only by the experience of the developers. To that end, we should definitely be travelling to more places in order to gain a better understanding of the market and industry of VR.

 Our booth at the Taipei Games Show

Our booth at the Taipei Games Show

Moving on, we're pleased to announce the addition of many new members to the den. With new artists, programmers and writers, we have begun to embark on a new journey to create a brand new IP of our own.

We are still early in the development phase, working to create a prototype. But recent days in the office, our work has simply been raining down cats and lizards! As we sail forth, we will hopefully have everything in place and be ready for a grand voyage!

Now with a larger team of dedicated members, we believe we can create a better and more immersive experience, both gameplay-wise and story-wise. Placing into play what we have experienced so far in developing VR games, we hope to be able to deliver a great VR experience for everyone willing to give it a shot.

Through this developer's blog, we will be releasing more updates regarding our journey for this new IP and we hope you, our fans, would continue following us for more news!