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その時代は1900年代 - 清朝


20171115日(水)より施設設置型VRコンテンツプラットフォーム「VIRTUAL GATE」を展開します!

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Lunar Eclipse 

In oriental culture, the sight of a red moon engulfed in darkness was believed to be the darkest hour of mankind; when evil is at its' peak and man at his pit.

The Fear of the Unknown

We've created a world inspired by the 80s Hong Kong cinematic films. With VR technology, you'll experience the exploration in a 3D realm.

The Story

China, THE last days of qing dynasty

 1900s China was a chaotic century - Qing Dynasty. The collapse of the hegemony, ushered in decades of chaos to a civilization once named the 'Land of Dragons and Emperors'. In the last days of the mighty Qing empire, a former official fell victim to the political assassination and was stripped of his position. Soon misfortunes befell upon his family, leading to an unnatural chain of deaths in the noble family. Investigation was haste and glaring evidence were blatantly ignored. The bodies were then sealed up in their dwelling by the officials.  

It's existence was then buried in time, only to be resurrected as folk tales told to curious children. You are tasked to reopen the cold case as a Provincial InspectorEnter and investigate the manor. Is it merely a superstition? Or will you unravel the bone-chilling secrets of the mysterious and unnatural deaths of the noble family?

Experience it through VIRTUAL REALITY.


VR Experience - Complete immersion, a first person view in virtual reality

WALK-IN-PLACE Motion Control - Transverse in the world of virtual reality, contrary to watching passively

VR for Everyone - Experience VR without the need of splurging on expensive gear. Lunar Eclipse will be made available on mobile