Have a project you need to outsource to a VR development company? Look no further!
Our team of talented artists, coders and writers are adept and passionate in their various crafts.
If you're interested in outsourcing your project to us, look forward to high-quality material delivered in a timely fashion.



Kaiju Den is known for its art asset creations and instructing in related pipelines and processes. We are more than capable in running from Concept to Full scale Implementations within the month at an affordable pricing for quality work. For us, we do our best to meet your budget and provide the most value.

As passionate gamers, we suit the needs of games with the artwork we produce.

  • 2D/3D Game Assets
  • Conceptual Art (Characters/Backgrounds/Props)
  • 2D/3D Asset Animations


Not only we are available to do our expertise: VR, we are able to build apps, games and other similar experiences with our very out of the box team and associates.

Do look through our extensive portfolio for the following formats:

  • iOS/Android
  • PC Windows Mac
  • Facebook Games
  • Web - Java, html5
  • Applications Unity, Unreal

C#, Python, C++, html5, JavaScript



Game Design is an innate ability of every member of Kaiju Den. Whether its gamification that you need, a mini-game within a larger project, or a full-fledged project, we would be able to meet your demands in making it especially fun and addictive for the specified target group. Hey, it's our calling to make games.

  • VR Game Design
  • Game Design (Mobile, Web, Console)

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